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After Criticism

New Responses to Art and Performance

Gavin Butt (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Kunstgeschichte


It has recently become apparent that criticism has fallen on hardtimes. Either commodification is deemed to have killed it off, orit has become institutionally routine. This book explorescontemporary approaches which have sought to renew criticism'senergies in the wake of a 'theatrical turn' in recent visual artspractice, and the emergence of a 'performative' arts writing overthe past decade or so. Issues addressed include the 'performing' of art's histories;the consequences for criticism of embracing boredom, distractionand other 'queer' forms of (in)attention; and the importance ofexploring writerly process in responding to aesthetic experience.Bringing together newly commissioned work from the fields of arthistory, performance studies, and visual culture with the writingsof contemporary artists, After Criticism provides a set ofexperimental essays which demonstrate how 'the critical' might liveon as a vital and efficacious force within contemporaryculture.


Art Monthly
"After Criticism is crucial to any discussion regarding thestatus of criticism and critical theory after post-structuralismand, equally importantly, is one of few texts that is innovative inits illumination of context, history, aesthetic judgement and, rarefor an academic text, enjoyable to read."
"After Criticism is no doubt the most intriguingcollection of performative writing published yet. Being refreshing,entertaining as well as inspiringly confusing, it is essentialreading for anyone writing on art who does not only think ofwhat to write, but also how to write it."
Amelia Jones, University of Manchester
"Though it seems contradictory to write words of praise for abook that deeply interrogates the marketability of praisefullanguage (in the guise of art criticism), Gavin Butt's collectiondeserves them. Framed by Butt's astute introduction, theseperformative essays pulse with vitality. Food for thought, thisbook makes us think, again, about art and its interpretations in anew way. Critical writing as a kind of performance -delicious."
Margaret Iversen,University of Essex
"This anthology is an excellent overview of performativecritical discourse edited and introduced by one of its leadingproponents. All the contributions have an experimental orimprovisational edge that preserves a sense of the criticalencounter. The book is at the cutting edge of art theory and willbe read with enthusiasm by a large number of people engaged withcontemporary art practice and criticism."
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