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The Blackwell Cultural Economy Reader

Nigel Thrift (Hrsg.), Ash Amin (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geografie


This Reader brings together the exciting and innovative workthat has appeared in the last 10 years in the growing field ofcultural economy. * * Brings together exciting and innovative work from the last tenyears in the emerging field of cultural economy. * Contains a substantial introduction by the editors on the mainstrands and history of the cultural economy approach. * Shows how the pursuit of prosperity always involves multipleand hybrid orderings that cannot be reduced to either the termsculture or economy. * Shows that thinking about cultural economy is both asubstantive task and a valuable contribution to knowledge. * Material is organised around different links in the valuechain.


Noel Castree, CulturalGeographies
"Even a good old Chicago School economist can find much in the bookto widen her horizons. That 'the economy' is embeddedin social relations and is linguistic and is ethical is obvious toany student of society. Yet Samuelsonian economics denies all this.The Reader should open eyes all round." Deirdre McCloskey,University of Illinois at Chicago <!--end--> "This is a terrific collection! Amin and Thrift have broughttogether a rich set of studies to make the case that in economiclife, calculation is cultural. Across a wonderful range of settings- from financial exchanges to supermarkets - thislively volume is essential reading for anyone studying economicsociology." David Stark, University of Columbia "Amin and Thrift's reader is an indispensable purchase for thosewho research and teach on the economy-culture problematic. Its 22essays represent the wide diversity of viewpoints that have emergedthis last decade or so - theoretically, topically and politically... There really is something in here for everybody, and I thinkthis book should be read by those wishing to know more about theculture-economy debate, as well as those familiar with its maincontours ... I dare you not to buy it."
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