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The Internet in Everyday Life

Barry Wellman (Hrsg.), Caroline Haythornthwaite (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


The Internet in Everyday Life is the first book tosystematically investigate how being online fits into people'severyday lives. * * Opens up a new line of inquiry into the social effects of theInternet. * * Focuses on how the Internet fits into everyday lives, ratherthan considering it as an alternate world. * * Chapters are contributed by leading researchers in thearea. * * Studies are based on empirical data. * * Talks about the reality of being online now, not hopes or fearsabout the future effects of the Internet.


Communication &Society
"Wellman is to be congratulated for pulling together a collectionof excellent articles that will make a valuable contribution toempirically grounding discussions about the effects of the Interneton our everyday life experiences."
New Media andSociety
"Its breadth, depth and empiricism make for an immenselyimpressive collection which is likely to influence the field ofinternet studies for years to come"
"Work like that done in The Internet in Everyday Life isinvaluable in helping us see and understand the technological worldin which we are immersed. As such, it makes a major contribution toour discipline and our society."
Social Forces
"A powerful collective statement both about the domestication ofthe Internet in everyday life and about the need for new kinds ofquestions and methodologies in the next generation of Internetstudies."
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