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Cardiothoracic Surgical Nursing

Current Trends in Adult Care

Jillian Riley, Carl Margerson

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Cardiothoracic nursing has undergone great change over the lastdecade. With the continuing improvement of surgical techniques,pharmacology and pre- and post-operative care, there have been manynew initiatives and innovations in the nature and practice of thisspecialised sector of nursing. Rehabilitation and patient educationare to name but a few of the areas where exciting new challengesand opportunities for cardiothoracic nurses have opened up. This book is a definitive and accessible text for cardiothoracicnurses. Written for nurses from a nursing perspective, it offerspractical advice and information on all aspects of cardiothoracicsurgical nursing and pays particular attention to the continuingdevelopments cardiothoracic nurses must face.


'This book has been written with a team-focused approach in such arefreshing and inspiring style that it will appeal to nurses in thecardiothoracic filed as well as critical care and theatres.'
'This is an ideal reference guide for students encountering thistype of nursing for the first time and will reinforce classroomteaching and experience at the bedside.'



Medical Science, Surgery & Surgical Specialities, Medizin, Chirurgie u. chirurgische Spezialgebiete, Spezialaufgaben i. d. klinischen Krankenpflege, Nursing, Clinical Specialities, Krankenpflege