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War in Ancient Egypt

The New Kingdom

Anthony J. Spalinger

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This book is an introduction to the war machine of New KingdomEgypt from c. 1575 bc-1100 bc. * Focuses on the period in which the Egyptians created aprofessional army and gained control of Syria, creating an"Empire of Asia". * Written by a respected Egyptologist. * Highlights new technological developments, such as the use ofchariots and siege technology. * Considers the socio-political aspects of warfare, particularlythe rise to power of a new group of men. * Evaluates the military effectiveness of the Egyptian state,looking at the logistics of warfare during this period. * Incorporates maps and photographs, a chronological table, and achart of dynasties and pharaohs


Ancient Egypt
"For anyone interested in Egyptian military history, and wanting tolearn more than the simple dry facts and the well-known majorbattles, then this book is an absolute must. The author is to becongratulated on this major contribution to our knowledge ofwarfare in ancient Egypt, presented in a very readable book,suitable for the beginner as well as the real enthusiast."
Bryn Mawr ClassicalReview
"A very handy and innovative introduction on the war machine ofNew Kingdom Egypt (ca. 1550-1070 BC)... shows a thoroughfamiliarity with the ancient sources and relevant literature onmilitary topics, ancient and modern... Spalinger's book is astimulating and highly competent study no one who deals with NewKingdom warfare should overlook."
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