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The Form of Cities

Political Economy and Urban Design

Alexander R. Cuthbert

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geografie


The Form of Cities offers readers a considered theoreticalintroduction to the art of designing cities. * * Demonstrates that cities are replete with symbolic values,collective memory, association and conflict. * Proposes a new theoretical understanding of urban design, basedin political economy. * Demonstrates different ways of conceptualising the city,whether through aesthetics or the prism of gender, forexample. * Written in an engaging and jargon-free style, but retains asophisticated interpretative edge. * Complements Designing Cities by the same author(Blackwell, 2003).


Allen J.Scott, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Geography,UCLA
'The Form of Cities is an important critique andsynthesis of recent thinking about urban design ... a powerfulanalysis of the emergence, logic, and political meaning of thebuilt environment in given historical contexts.'
Chris Abel, Architectural critic and author ofArchitecture, Technology, Process and Architecture andIdentity
'A major achievement in the radical spirit of ManuelCastells' and Mike Davis' writings. Cuthbertrepositions urban design theory ... to reveal the bedrocksystems of material and symbolic production shaping moderncities.'
Harry T. Dimitriou,Bartlett Professor of Planning Studies, UCL
'Truly an impressive piece of work. ... This book willbecome seminal not only for urban design students andpractitioners, and those engaged in the study and practice of urbanpolicy-making and planning, but also for students of urbangeography and political science.'
Journal of Regional Science
"[Cuthbert] sets out not only to make the professional case forurban design but also the disciplinary case. What ensues is animmense and far-reaching catalog of ideas that in many ways is atour de force."
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