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Dual Diagnosis Nursing

G. Hussein Rassool (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


The increasing number of individuals with co-existing substancemisuse and psychiatric disorders presents a key challenge to mentalhealth and addiction nurses. This practice-based text focuses onthe management and intervention strategies to effectively meet theneeds of this client group in both community and residentialsettings. Dual Diagnosis Nursing is a comprehensive text forpractitioners on contemporary approaches to working with dualdisorder and dual diagnosis patients. It explores both clinical andtheoretical perspectives in a variety of different care andtreatment settings, addressing key issues such as needs of specialpopulations, multi-dimensional assessment, dealing withemergencies, prescribing and medication management, nursing andpsychological interventions, spiritual needs, carers'interventions and professional development.


Mental Health Practice
"This is the most comprehensive dual diagnosis textbook I've read.Two things in particular appealed to me. Firstly, it is set out foreasy reference in five parts... The second thing that struck me asvaluable is the way the book has something for everyone. General substance misuse staff and those in mental health willderive great benefit from the book. If you're a specialist in dualdiagnosis, I think you will too. It may be short in detail for some readers but as an overview ofthe subject, for students and qualified alike, it delivers."



Krankenpflege, Gemeindekrankenpflege, Community Nursing, Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Krankenpflege i. d. Psychologie