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Structural Foundation Designers' Manual

Norman Seward, Gary Parkinson, W. G. Curtin, et al.

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This manual for civil and structural engineers aims to simplify asmuch as possible a complex subject which is often treated tootheoretically, by explaining in a practical way how to provideuncomplicated, buildable and economical foundations. It explains simply, clearly and with numerous worked exampleshow economic foundation design is achieved. It deals with bothstraightforward and difficult sites, following the process throughsite investigation, foundation selection and, finally,design. The book: * * includes chapters on many aspects of foundation engineeringthat most other books avoid including * * filled and contaminated sites * mining and other man-made conditions * features a step-by-step procedure for the design of lightweightand flexible rafts, to fill the gap in guidance in this muchneglected, yet extremely economical foundation solution * concentrates on foundations for building structures rather thanthe larger civil engineering foundations * includes many innovative and economic solutions developed andused by the authors' practice but not often covered in otherpublications * provides an extensive series of appendices as a valuablereference source. For the Second Edition the chapter on contaminated and derelictsites has been updated to take account of the latest guidelines onthe subject, including BS 10175. Elsewhere, throughout the book,references have been updated to take account of the latesttechnical publications and relevant British Standards.


THe Institution of Structural Engineers.
This book is very well illustrated and has adequate reference to thoer reference books. this book should be on the book shelf of every practising engineer'
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