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Building Team-Based Working

A Practical Guide to Organizational Transformation

Lynn Markiewicz, Michael A. West

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This book gives managers and consultants practical guidance on howto build organizations that are structured around effectiveteamworking. * * This text focuses on how to build organizations that arestructured around teams. * Ideal for managers or consultants who are introducingteam-based working into organizations. * Examines the psychological and social processes that canfacilitate or obstruct successful teamwork. * Each chapter contains aims, activities, support materials andtools. * Support materials can also be downloaded from an accompanyingwebsite. * Based on evidence gathered by the authors over 20 years ofpractical management experience, research in organizations, andconsultancy.


Peter Colclough,Chief Executive, Torbay Primary Care Trust
"This gem of a book is a must for all those managers and HRprofessionals who are striving to improve the structure andperformance of their organisations through effective team-basedworking. Coming from a sound academic base, it is packed withuseful insights and practical advice that will make you go away andthink carefully about how your organisation is working." RogerWilliams, Operations Strategy Manager, United Utilities PLC <!--end--> "Building Team-based Working is a masterful account ofhow to get things right. It provides tested tools to support theimplementation process and maintains a crisp focus withoutoversimplifying. Any organisation that wants to take advantage ofthe power of teams, either for the first time or to revitaliseteams in place, will find great value here." Rick Guzzo Ph.D.,Worldwide Partner, Mercer Human Resource Consulting "Building Team-based Working provides clear, practicalsteps for organisations seeking to establish a team-based approach.The specific issues of how to achieve it, why it is required, whatto do to get there, when to do it and roles and responsibilitiesare clearly covered. The strength of the book is its ability to setout clearly the role of the leader on one hand and on the otherprovide detailed questionnaires to give a framework for managers tofollow to deliver team-based working." Jo Moran, ProgrammeManager, Marks and Spencer "The book provides a comprehensive guide behind the concepts ofTeam Based Working. It links the theory to a practical guide toimplementing Team Based Working and its potential role indeveloping high performing organisations."
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