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Chotti Munda and His Arrow

Mahasweta Devi

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Written in 1980, this novel by prize-winning Indian writerMahasweta Devi, translated and introduced by Gayatri ChakravortySprivak, is remarkable for the way in which it touches on vitalissues that have in subsequent decades grown into matters of urgentsocial conern. * * Written by one of India's foremost novelists, andtranslated by an eminent cultural and critical theorist. * Ranges over decades in the life of Chotti - the centralcharacter - in which India moves from colonial rule toindependence, and then to the unrest of the 1970s. * Traces the changes, some forced, some welcome, in the dailylives of a marginalized rural community. * Raises questions about the place of the tribal on the map ofnational identity, land rights and human rights, the'museumization' of 'ethnic' cultures, andthe justifications of violent resistance as the last resort of adesperate people. * Represents enlightening reading for students and scholars ofpostcolonial literature and postcolonial studies.


(CulturalCritique, 2012)
"The importance of Ray's book lies in its activetransgression of the kind of knowledge-project that can and must beperformed by a beginner's guide. In this respect, her bookworks as an excellent pathway into the complex textures ofSpivak's own writings."
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Literature, Comparative & World Literature, Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft u. Weltliteratur, Literaturwissenschaft, Theorie der Postkolonialzeit, Postcolonial Theory