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A Brief History

Cary L. Cooper, Philip J. Dewe

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Angewandte Psychologie


Stress: A Brief History is a lively, accessible, anddetailed examination of the origins of the field of stressresearch. * * First concise, accessible, academically grounded book on theorigins of the concept of stress. * Explores different theories and models of stress such as thepsychosomatic approach, homeostasis, and general adaptationsyndrome. * Discusses the work and intriguing contributions of keyresearchers in the field such as Walter Cannon, Hans Selye, HaroldWolff, and Richard Lazarus. * Explains the origins of key concepts in stress such asstressful life events, the coronary-prone personality, andappraisals and coping. * Culminates in a discussion of what makes a good theory and whatobligations stress researchers have to those whose working livesthey study.


Lennart Levi,MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Division of Stress Research,Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
"Mental health problems and stress-related disorders are often thecause of early death. Cary Cooper's and Philip Dewe's book is afascinating and highly readable account of the long and difficultjourney to this insight. I recommend it strongly."
Andi Yi-An Shih, Ph.D. Candidate,University of British Colombia. Stress and Health, 20, 239-40,2004
"an informative and concise summary of landmarks in the historyof stress research, with themes originating from over a hundredyears of contributions to the field ... this book carries more thanenough information for one to appreciate the origins of an excitingand necessary field."
Scientific and Medical Network Review,Summer 2005
"This must be the definitive book on the history of stress,written by specialists in organisational psychology andbehaviour...Work stress is given a chapter on its own , and theconclusion asks what we mean by stress and how research on thetopic can be pursued."
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