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The Ethics of Information Technology and Business

Richard T. De George

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Betriebswirtschaft


This is the first study of business ethics to take intoconsideration the plethora of issues raised by the InformationAge. * * The first study of business ethics to take into considerationthe plethora of issues raised by the Information Age. * Explores a wide range of topics including marketing, privacy,and the protection of personal information; employees andcommunication privacy; intellectual property issues; the ethicalissues of e-business; Internet-related business ethics problems;and the ethical dimension of information technology onsociety. * Uncovers previous ignored ethical issues. * Underlines the need for public discussion of the issues. * Argues that computers and information technology have notnecessarily developed in the most ethical manner possible.


Choice This book is certainly a contribution to the field. It is wellplaced as part of a series on the foundations of business ethicsand should prove essential reading to scholars in computer andinformation ethics, as well as related fields. Norman Mooradian,Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
"The information revolution is not our fate but instead challengesus to anticipate its consequences and prevent its harmful impact.De George sharpens our sensitivity and opens our eyes to manycrucial issues, from the protection of personal information to thedigital divide. His ethical examination is both thorough andunderstandable - an exceptional book." Georges Enderle,University of Notre Dame <!--end--> "Though the business world has been transformed by informationtechnology, few business ethicists have attended to the resultingethical issues. Richard De George is the perfect person for thejob. With astute insights and incisive arguments, he delivers aprovocative analysis of information technology in the context ofbusiness ethics." Deborah G. Johnson, University ofVirginia "De George offers an easily accessible discussion of the ethicalissues and concerns created by information technology (IT) and theInternet."
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