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Employment and Employee Rights

Norman E. Bowie, Patricia Werhane, Tara J. Radin, et al.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Betriebswirtschaft


Employment and Employee Rights addresses the issue of rightsin the workplace. Although much of the literature in this fieldfocuses on employee rights, this volume considers the issue fromthe perspective of both employees and employers. * * Considers the rights of both employees and employers. * Discusses the moral and legal landscape and traditionalassumptions about right in employment. * Investigates arguments for guaranteeing rights, particularlyfor employees, which are derived from relational, developmental,and economic bases. * Explores new dimensions of employment including a model thatincorporates growing workplace diversity, builds upon ourunderstanding of the legal landscape, and expands upon ourjustifications for recognizing and protecting rights.


R. Edward Freeman, University of Virginia
"The authors challenge us to re-examine our understandings ofemployment. They bring a broad historical awareness to theirdistinctive theoretical reflections on topics such as due process,job insecurity, meaningful work, and the changing nature ofemployment. Readers with a practical bent should be convinced bytheir analysis of progressive employment practices as'economic value added.' For the more philosophicallyinclined, they provide, at the outset, a clear and thoughtfulanalysis of the foundations of moral rights - an unusualelement in texts on business ethics." John McCall, SaintJoseph's University <!--end--> "This is the latest and last word on employee rights. It'severything you wanted to know about employee rights, and it'sa very practical, hands-on, business-oriented book. Every managerwill benefit from reading it. Every human resources manager simplymust read it."
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