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Between Skins

The Body in Psychoanalysis - Contemporary Developments

Nicola Diamond

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Between Skins challenges individualistic accounts of thebody in psychoanalysis. Drawing on philosophy, contemporaryneurobiology and developmental research, Nicola Diamond exploresthe ways in which bodily processes and skin experience areinseparable from the field of language and environmentalcontext. * The first book to address epistemological implications for anew understanding of the body and embodiment - offers a newperspective on the division between mind, body and world * Brings together a philosophical phenomenological account ofbody experience with key concepts from psychoanalysis,developmental research and neuroscience * Responds to a growing interest in the body and psychoanalysis,and considers some limitations in neuro-biological accounts ofbrain-body processes for psychoanalytical understanding


(Choice, 1 November 2013)
"How successful Diamond is in "solving" thedilemmas she detects is an open question, but her questions andthinking are intelligent and searching, and this book will be goodfor teaching and dialogue in the field. Summing Up:Recommended. Graduate, research, and professionalcollections."

Nicola Diamond is both an academic and a clinician. She has amulti-disciplinary background in psychoanalysis, attachment theory,developmental psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and sociology.She is known for her original thinking and the way she challengesCartesian dualism in psychoanalysis. In this book Nicola Diamondprovides us with a refreshing approach to the body-mind-societyrelationship and its clinical implications, particularly inrelation to interpersonal trauma and its bodilymanifestations.--Mario Marrone, BritishPsychoanalytical Society and International AttachmentNetwork

This is a book that offers an innovative model of the body whichestablishes a relation between soma and culture. It is afascinating read - not only helpful for a psychoanalyticcontext and the clinical field, but also for psychosocial studiesscholars interested in body image and the processes of fantasy thatshape our experience of the lived body in everyday life. The bookraises important questions about how sensory lived body states andbody image are profoundly influenced not only by relations withothers, but also by the social field of visual imaging and popularculture.--Dr. Candida Yates, Reader in PsychosocialStudies, University of East London.
is an unusual andambitious book linking the psychoanalytic, attachment theory,biological science and properly focusses on the multi-layeredfeelings of skin and body processes. Like Orbach and her conceptsof the transitional body, Diamond's psychoanalytic strength alsocomes through.--Dr.Valerie Sinason M.InstPsychoanal, Director for The Clinic for DissociativeStudies.
Nicola Diamond has always pioneered the integrationof academic, clinical and theoretical issues and a bookfrom her is long-awaited. "Between Skins"
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