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Dutch For Dummies

Margreet Kwakernaak

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Dutch is spoken by 23 million people, mainly in the Netherlands andBelgium, and is an official EU language. For English speakers,written Dutch can be fairly straightforward to pick up, althoughthe pronunciation can be more of a challenge. This simple guidebook and audio CD covers Dutch grammar,pronunciation and everyday phrases, making this vibrant languagemore accessible to English speakers - whether you'rejust visiting or planning to stay on a long-term basis. Dutch For Dummies is the essential guide for everyone fromstudents and holidaymakers, to those wanting to speak Dutch forbusiness purposes. From numbers and vocabulary to greetings, popular expressionsand proper etiquette, this clear, easy-to-follow guide will haveyou speaking Dutch like a native in no time. Dutch For Dummies includes: * Audio CD to assist learning * Introductory grammar and vocabulary * Meeting and getting to know people * Dining out, shopping, leisure time and the workplace * Dealing with emergencies * Tips on how to pick up Dutch quickly Note: CD files are available to download when buying theeBook version

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