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Building Contract Dictionary

Simon Cavender, Derek Marshall, David Chappell, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Bau- und Umwelttechnik


Building Contract Dictionary provides a succinct, but authoritativereference to words, phrases and terms encountered in, and inconnection with, building contracts. For the new edition all entries have been reconsidered andupdated in light of case law and legislation and the book has beensubstantially enlarged since the last edition ten years ago. Thereare now over 800 separate entries A wide range of contracts hasbeen referenced, including JCT 98, IFC 98, MW 98, WCD 98, PCC 98,MC 98, ACA 3, GC/Works/1 (1998), NEC, NSC/C, DOM/1, DOM/2 as wellas topics such as adjudication, arbitration and the Civil ProcedureRules. It will provide an invaluable reference for architects, quantitysurveyors, project managers and contractors. It will also find aready readership among all construction lawyers. "This is an indispensable book which provides a succinct butauthoritative reference to "words, phrases and terms" encounteredin the construction industry. ...many of the entries give asubstantial commentary on a variety of matters you always wanted toknow about but never got round to finding out." Arbitration


"When starting t read law as an undergraduate, the first law book Ibought was Wharton's Law Lexicon, a book I still have anduse. On appointment as an Official Referee, I bought the Penguindictionaries of Building, Civil Engineering Architecture andElectronics. If I had known that this book was then inexistence in its first edition, I would have bought that also. Itwould have been an enormous help to me"

Judge Peter Bowsher QC

"Presented in a non-legal and highly-readable style, thisbook is a desirable addition to the specialist library and theprofessional office and as a useful reference book is directed toarchitects, surveyors and construction professionals in generaltogether with contractors and their staff."

Construction Manager
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