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Veterinary Laboratory Medicine

Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology

Morag G. Kerr

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Veterinary Laboratory Medicine covers all aspects of basicclinical biochemistry and haematology, and includes test-by-testinterpretation of laboratory results. Information is provided onsampling techniques, the selection and use of an externallaboratory, as well as near-patient testing and the practicelaboratory. Also included are step-by-step instructions for mostcommonly used point-of-care tests, a guide to the evaluation ofinstruments for in-practice use, and a detailed explanation of theprinciples of impedance counting and photometric analysis. The bookwill be ideal for practitioners who require a guide to laboratorywork, and for veterinary students studying laboratory medicine andclinical pathology. The second edition has been fully updated to reflect advancesin diagnostic techniques, and includes new chapters on diagnosticendocrinology and feline virus testing as well as a much expandedchapter on diagnostic profiling and pattern recognition.


- Journal of Small Animal Practice
From reviews of the first edition: 'The publication is extremely timely and the title is perceptivebecause throughout the book the laboratory is presented as one ofthe inputs of diagnosis and prognosis, part of the range ofinformation to be assimilated in clinical judgement and decisionmaking. This is a clinician's book written by a first rate clinicalpathologist.'
- VeterinaryPractice Management
'Veterinary surgeons who require a handy guide to laboratorywork and students studying laboratory medicine and clinicalpathology should find this book invaluable.'
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