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Lightweight Sandwich Construction

J. M. Davies (Hrsg.)

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Sandwich panels are being used increasingly as the cladding ofbuildings like factories, warehouses, cold stores and retail sheds.This is because they are light in weight, thermally efficient,aesthetically attractive and can be easily handled and erected.However, to date, an authoritative book on the subject was lacking.This new reference work aims to fill that gap. The designer, specifier and manufacturer of sandwich panels allrequire a great deal of information on a wide range of subjects.This book was written by a group of European experts under theeditorship of a UK specialist in lightweight construction. Itprovides guidance on: * materials used in manufacture * thermal efficiency and air- and water-tightness * acoustic performance * performance in fire * durability * special problems of sandwich panels in cold stores and chillrooms * architectural and aesthetic considerations * structural design at the ultimate and serviceability limitstates * additional structural considerations including fastenings, theeffect of openings and the use of sandwich panels as load-bearingwalls * test procedures The book concludes with some numerical design examples and ishighly illustrated throughout.


"The publication is based on 30 years of the author'sresearch...It is therefore an excellent "state of the art" thatwill be useful to both practitioners and manufacturers"

R M Lawson, The Steel Construction Institute, August 2001
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