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HVDC Transmission

Power Conversion Applications in Power Systems

, Vijay K. Sood, Seok-Jin Lee, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Wärme-, Energie- und Kraftwerktechnik


HVDC is a critical solution to several major problems encounteredwhen trying to maintain systemic links and quality in large-scalerenewable energy environments. HDVC can resolve a number of issues,including voltage stability of AC power networks, reducing faultcurrent, and optimal management of electric power, ensuring thetechnology will play an increasingly important role in the electricpower industry. To address the pressing need for an up-to-date and comprehensivetreatment of the subject, Kim, Sood, Jang, Lim and Lee havecollaborated to produce this key text and reference. Combining classroom-tested materials from North America and Asia,HVDC Transmission compactly summarizes the latest researchresults, and includes the insights of experts from power systems,power electronics, and simulation backgrounds. The authorswalk readers through basic theory and practical applications, whilealso providing the broader historical context and futuredevelopment of HVDC technology. * Presents case studies covering basic and advanced HVDCdeployments headed by world-renowned experts * Demonstrates how to design, analyze and maintain HVDC systemsin the field * Provides updates on new HVDC technologies, such as active powerfilters, PWM, VSC, and 800 KV systems * Rounds out readers' understanding with chapters dedicated tothe key areas of simulation and main circuit design * Introduces wind power system interconnection with HVDC * Arms readers with an understanding of future HVDC trends Balancing theoretical instruction with practical application,HVDC Transmission delivers comprehensive working knowledgeto power utility engineers, power transmission researchers, andadvanced undergraduates and postgraduates in power engineeringprograms. The book is also a useful reference to for engineers andstudents focused on closely related areas such as renewable energyand power system planning.


?This book succeeds in providing a comprehensive textbook on HVDCsystem design, planning, and application issues. A wide range ofsubjects including power electronics, power systems. substationdesign, and control system design are covered.? IEEE Power &Energy Magazine, Jan/Feb 2010)
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