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Compact MOSFET Models for VLSI Design

A. B. Bhattacharyya

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Practicing designers, students, and educators in the semiconductorfield face an ever expanding portfolio of MOSFET models. InCompact MOSFET Models for VLSI Design , A.B. Bhattacharyyapresents a unified perspective on the topic, allowing thepractitioner to view and interpret device phenomena concurrentlyusing different modeling strategies. Readers will learn to linkdevice physics with model parameters, helping to close the gapbetween device understanding and its use for optimal circuitperformance. Bhattacharyya also lays bare the core physicalconcepts that will drive the future of VLSI development, allowingreaders to stay ahead of the curve, despite the relentlessevolution of new models. * Adopts a unified approach to guide students through theconfusing array of MOSFET models * Links MOS physics to device models to prepare practitioners forreal-world design activities * Helps fabless designers bridge the gap with off-sitefoundries * Features rich coverage of: * quantum mechanical related phenomena * Si-Ge strained-Silicon substrate * non-classical structures such as Double Gate MOSFETs * Presents topics that will prepare readers for long-termdevelopments in the field * Includes solutions in every chapter * Can be tailored for use among students and professionals ofmany levels * Comes with MATLAB code downloads for independent practice andadvanced study This book is essential for students specializing in VLSI Designand indispensible for design professionals in the microelectronicsand VLSI industries. Written to serve a number of experiencelevels, it can be used either as a course textbook orpractitioner's reference. Access the MATLAB code, solution manual, and lecture materialsat the companion website:

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