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Spectral Element Method in Structural Dynamics

Usik Lee

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Bau- und Umwelttechnik


Spectral Element Method in Structural Dynamics is a conciseand timely introduction to the spectral element method (SEM) as ameans of solving problems in structural dynamics, wavepropagations, and other related fields. The book consists of threekey sections. In the first part, background knowledge is set up forthe readers by reviewing previous work in the area and by providingthe fundamentals for the spectral analysis of signals. In thesecond part, the theory of spectral element method is provided,focusing on how to formulate spectral element models and how toconduct spectral element analysis to obtain the dynamic responsesin both frequency- and time-domains. In the last part, theapplications of SEM to various structural dynamics problems areintroduced, including beams, plates, pipelines, axially movingstructures, rotor systems, multi-layered structures, smartstructures, composite laminated structures, periodic latticestructures, blood flow, structural boundaries, joints, structuraldamage, and impact forces identifications, as well as the SEM-FEMhybrid method. * Presents all aspects of SEM in one volume, both theory andapplications * Helps students and professionals master associated theories,modeling processes, and analysis methods * Demonstrates where and how to apply SEM in practice * Introduces real-world examples across a variety ofstructures * Shows how models can be used to evaluate the accuracy of othersolution methods * Cross-checks against solutions obtained by conventional FEM andother solution methods * Comes with downloadable code examples for independentpractice Spectral Element Method in Structural Dynamics can beused by graduate students of aeronautical, civil, navalarchitectures, mechanical, structural and biomechanicalengineering. Researchers in universities, technical institutes, andindustries will also find the book to be a helpful referencehighlighting SEM applications to various engineering problems inareas of structural dynamics, wave propagations, and other relatedsubjects. The book can also be used by students, professors, andresearchers who want to learn more efficient and more accuratecomputational methods useful for their research topics from allareas of engineering, science and mathematics, including the areasof computational mechanics and numerical methods.

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