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On Solar Hydrogen and Nanotechnology

Lionel Vayssieres (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Sonstiges


More energy from the sun strikes Earth in an hour than is consumedby humans in an entire year. Efficiently harnessing solar power forsustainable generation of hydrogen requires low-cost,purpose-built, functional materials combined with inexpensivelarge-scale manufacturing methods. These issues are comprehensivelyaddressed in On Solar Hydrogen & Nanotechnology -an authoritative, interdisciplinary source of fundamental andapplied knowledge in all areas related to solar hydrogen. Writtenby leading experts, the book emphasizes state-of-the-art materialsand characterization techniques as well as the impact ofnanotechnology on this cutting edge field. * Addresses the current status and prospects of solar hydrogen,including major achievements, performance benchmarks, technologicallimitations, and crucial remaining challenges * Covers the latest advances in fundamental understanding anddevelopment in photocatalytic reactions, semiconductornanostructures and heterostructures, quantum confinement effects,device fabrication, modeling, simulation, and characterizationtechniques as they pertain to solar generation of hydrogen * Assesses and establishes the present and future role of solarhydrogen in the hydrogen economy * Contains numerous graphics to illustrate concepts, techniques,and research results On Solar Hydrogen & Nanotechnology is an essentialreference for materials scientists, physical and inorganicchemists, electrochemists, physicists, and engineers carrying outresearch on solar energy, photocatalysis, or semiconductingnanomaterials, both in academia and industry. It is also aninvaluable resource for graduate students and postdoctoralresearchers as well as business professionals and consultants withan interest in renewable energy.


(Angewandte Chemie, 2010)
"I find that this work contains solid in-depth science, and goesfar beyond "trendy" issues. I can recommend this collectionto interested readers."
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