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Operational Risk Management

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A practical guide to identifying, analyzing and tacklingoperational risk in banks and financial institutions Created for banking and finance professionals with a desire toexpand their management skill set, this book focuses on operationalrisk and operational risk events, as distinct from other types offunctional risks. It was written by the experts at theworld-renowned Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, an organizationdedicated to providing the international banking community witheducation and training. * Schools you in techniques for analyzing the operational riskexposure of banking institutions and assessing how operational riskimpacts on other types of risk * Provides expert guidance on how to design, plan and implementsystems for operational risk management and quality control * Describes a comprehensive approach to operational riskmanagement that includes data collection, modeling and an overallrisk management structure * Shows you how to develop operational risk management solutionsto help your company minimize losses without negatively impactingits ability to generate gains * Offers expert guidance on various regulatory frameworks and howthe latest Basel II and Basel III requirements impact a bank'soperational risk management strategy and framework

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