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Accounting for Investments, Volume 2

Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives - A Practitioner's Handbook

R. Venkata Subramani

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A comprehensive guide to new and existing accounting practicesfor fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives The financial crisis forced accounting standard setters andmarket regulators around the globe to come up with new proposalsfor modifying existing practices for investment accounting.Accounting for Investments, Volume 2: Fixed Income and InterestRate Derivatives covers these revised standards, as well asthose not yet implemented, in detail. Beginning with an overview of the financial products affected bythese changes--defining each product, the way it isstructured, its advantages and disadvantages, and the differentevents in the trade life cycle--the book then examines theinformation that anyone, person or institution, holding fixedincome security and interest rate investments must record. * Offers a comprehensive overview of financial products includingfixed income and interest rate derivatives like interest rateswaps, caps, floors, collars, cross currency swaps, and more * Follows the trade life cycle of each product * Explains how new and anticipated changes in investmentaccounting affect the investment world Accurately recording and reporting investments across financialproducts requires extensive knowledge both of new and existingpractices, and Accounting for Investments, Volume 2, FixedIncome Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives covers thisimportant topic in-depth, making it an invaluable resource forprofessional and novice accountants alike.

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