Traceable Temperatures

An Introduction to Temperature Measurement and Calibration

J. V. Nicholas, D. R. White

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The accurate measurement of temperature is a vital parameter inmany fields. A critically important aspect of applying anytemperature sensor is that of traceable calibration - a conceptthat has been developed to ensure that all measurements made areaccurate and legally valid. This timely new edition reflects the marked move towards ISOaccreditation in measurement laboratories internationally, and theever increasing emphasis on adequate uncertainty analysis formeasurements in accredited laboratories to conform to national andinternational bodies, and the SI and Metric treaty. * Fully revised and updated to incorporate the latest trends anddevelopments in measurements and calibration * Provides information concurrent with the latest ISO QualityStandards for assessing the uncertainty of measurementsensors * Offers detailed converage of traceability, how to make traceablemeasurements and how to design, carry out and reportcalibration * Unique emphasis on possible problems in the field, and provisionof practical advice on how to recognise and treat errors. An essential reference resource for practising and trainingengineers, scientists and technicians in accredited test andcalibration laboratories involved in temperature measurement andcalibration.

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