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Wall Street on Trial

A Corrupted State?

Justin O'Brien

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The politics of business have become the business of politics.Across the world the lesson is clear: just as too much governmentalinterference leads to dysfunctional economies, left to its owndevices the market is incapable of adequate self-regulation. The corporate malfeasance crisis in the United States hastransformed global perceptions about the efficacy of regulatorystructures in combating corrupt practices in private and publicsectors. The design of effective corporate governance structuresdepends not just on internal factors but also on theinter-relationship between various actors that constitute widergovernance: politicians, lobbyists, corporations andregulators. A Corrupted State: Wall Street on Trial breaks new ground bydeconstructing the systemic flaws inherent in the model itself. Itreveals that the 'rotten apple' theory, positing the problems incorporate America as merely the result of deviancy by an individualor a single firm, is an intellectual deceit not supported by thefacts.


(Professional Investor, October 2003)
"...there is much useful information in this book, it is probably of greater interest to the specialist academic..."
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