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The Insured Portfolio

Your Gateway to Stress-Free Global Investments

Marc-Andre Sola, Shannon Crouch, Erika Nolan, et al.

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How to safely, easily, and as tax efficiently as possiblediversify and hedge against the dollar's fall It's no secret-the U.S. economy is in crisis mode,threatening everything from personal savings to our overallprosperity as a nation. Panicking is not the answer. Having a cleargame plan is. In this environment, investors must protectthemselves from the immense financial uncertainties they face as asaver or an investor in the 21st Century. Investors need solidinformation about ways to recession-proof their retirement andinvestment portfolios. The Insured Portfolio offers that guidance revealing themajor financial threats the 21st Century Saver and Investor facesand showing them how to build a strong portfolio and protect theirassets. Written in smart, engaging prose, the book: * Details ways to invest overseas, and specifically-how touse international private placement policies as a way to protectassets and reduce taxes * Provides investors with the tips and tools needed to profitoverseas with insurance, including how to bypass the internationalrestrictions often used to keep investors from seekingopportunities in other countries For those seeking customized asset protection, a dollar hedge,global investment diversification, tax privileged growth and estateplanning, there is not another single solution on the market todaythat can achieve all of these objectives at once better than TheInsured Portfolio.

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