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Prefab Architecture

A Guide to Modular Design and Construction

Ryan E. Smith

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"Prefab Architecture . . . is beyond theory, and beyond most ofwhat we think we know about pods, containers, mods, and joints.This book is more than 'Prefabrication 101.' It is the Joy ofCooking writ large for the architecture and constructionindustries." --From the Foreword by James Timberlake, FAIA The definitive reference on prefab architecture forarchitects and construction professionals Written for architects and related design and constructionprofessionals, Prefab Architecture is a guide to off-siteconstruction, presenting the opportunities and challengesassociated with designing and building with components, panels, andmodules. It presents the drawbacks of building in situ (on-site)and demonstrates why prefabrication is the smarter choice forbetter integration of products and processes, more efficientdelivery, and realizing more value in project life cycles. Inaddition, Prefab Architecture provides: * A selected history of prefabrication from the IndustrialRevolution to current computer numerical control, and a theory ofproduction from integrated processes to lean manufacturing * Coverage on the tradeoffs of off-site fabrication includingscope, schedule, and cost with the associated principles of labor,risk, and quality * Up-to-date products featuring examples of prefabricatedstructure, enclosure, service, and interior building systems * Documentation on the constraints and execution ofmanufacturing, factory production, transportation, andassembly * Dozens of recent examples of prefab projects by contemporaryarchitects and fabricators including KieranTimberlake, SHoPArchitects, Office dA, Michelle Kaufmann, and many others In Prefab Architecture, the fresh approaches toward creatingbuildings that accurately convey mature and expanded green buildingmethodologies make this book an important voice for adopting changein a construction industry entrenched in traditions of thepast.



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