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Comprehensive Evaluations

Case Reports for Psychologists, Diagnosticians, and Special Educators

Lynne E. Jaffe, Nancy Mather

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An invaluable collection of sample case reports from experts inchild and adolescent assessment With contributions from authorities in the fields of psychologyand special education-including Dawn Flanagan, ElaineFletcher-Janzen, Randy Kamphaus, Nadeen Kaufman, George McCloskey,Jack Naglieri, Cecil Reynolds, and Gale Roid--ComprehensiveEvaluations provides over fifty sample case reports to help youdraft carefully planned, goal-directed, and comprehensiveevaluations that clearly explain the reasons for a student'sschool-related difficulties, from preschool to postsecondarylevel. A wellspring of information for educational professionals,Comprehensive Evaluations provides models for writingdiagnostic reports to accompany the tests most frequentlyadministered in the evaluation of children, adolescents, andadults, including the BASC-2, KABC-II, WAIS-IV, WISC-IV, and WJIII. The reports reflect various disciplines within psychology andeducation, different theoretical perspectives and paradigms, andspan a broad spectrum of disabilities. The diagnostic reports found within ComprehensiveEvaluations will help: * Expand your familiarity with widely used test instruments * Enhance your understanding of the interpretation of testscores * Improve your ability to tailor written reports to the purposesof the evaluation * Translate assessment results into meaningful treatmentrecommendations * Recognize the differences in what evaluators from various schooldistricts, agencies, and private practices consider to be acomprehensive evaluation * Appreciate how your theoretical perspective and choice of testscan influence diagnostic conclusions * Determine a report writing style that meets your needs Comprehensive Evaluations deftly illustrates how thoroughassessments help empirically pinpoint the reasons a student isstruggling in school, which then allows an evaluator to select themost appropriate accommodations and interventions to help thestudent succeed.

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