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The Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture

A Complete Guide to Starting and Running Your Own Firm

Walter Rogers

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The all-inclusive reference to starting and operating alandscape architecture firm The Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture, SecondEdition is completely revised to keep up with the latestdevelopments driving the day-to-day operation of a successfulprivate-practice landscape architecture office. Whether helping alandscape architecture student identify a career track, providingdirection on starting a new office, guiding an owner seeking tojumpstart a stagnant or fledgling business, or assisting alandscape architect-in-training study for the national LandscapeArchitecture Registration Exam (LARE), this single-source blueprintis the key to prospering in this dynamic field. This new editionfeatures: * Indispensible information for practicing landscape architects,including professional ethics, finances, office administration,marketing and promotion, and project management * An updated look at government regulatory laws, federal taxadministration, sustainable design, and LEED certification * Strategies for using the Internet, computer software, andtechnology to market and manage a firm * Examples of professional contract templates * Case study profiles of landscape architecture firms * Requirements for professional registration and criteria fortaking the national exam This comprehensive and practical reference combines real-worldexperience with the highest professional standards to instruct thereader on business concepts. Expertly organized and easy to follow,The Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture, SecondEdition continues to be the one source that landscapearchitects need to direct all facets of their practice.

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