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Public Garden Management

A Complete Guide to the Planning and Administration of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta

Donald Rakow, Sharon Lee

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The complete-and-ready reference for establishing, managing, andrunning a successful and sustainable, profitable public garden As unique museums with living collections of plants, publicgardens offer visitors aesthetically beautiful landscapes combinedwith educational programming and scientific research that promotethe value and understanding of plants. In the twenty-first century,public gardens are in the forefront of organizations andinstitutions committed to promoting the conservation of plants andtheir habitats, developing sustainable practices that support theenvironment, and providing green spaces where our increasinglystressed and urbanized citizens can reconnect with the naturalworld. It is critically important that such institutions havetrained, knowledgeable staff members. Because of its comprehensiveexamination of public gardens, Public Garden Management isthe ideal guide for staff members at public gardens, anyoneconsidering a career in public gardens, groups starting a botanicalgarden or arboretum, and students discovering how these complexinstitutions work. Public Garden Management is an all-in-one professionalreference and textbook that clearly shows how to develop,establish, manage, and maintain a sustainable--botheconomically and environmentally--public garden. Offeringpractical coverage of relevant topics, along with useful tools forreinforcing study, this insightful and forward-thinking guideis: * Copublished by the American Public Gardens Association * Written by a panel of leading experts in the field * Filled with dozens of case studies that are real-worldillustrations of the principles explored in the text * Illustrated throughout with line drawings, figures, andphotographs that assist in conveying critical information Students and professionals will benefit greatly from themanagement principles outlined in this book, helping them establishand maintain new and existing public gardens that engage, inspire,and connect with their communities.

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