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Detailing for Landscape Architects

Aesthetics, Function, Constructibility

Thomas R. Ryan, Patrick J. Rand, Edward Allen, et al.

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Architektur


The new industry standard on landscape architecturaldetailing Detailing for Landscape Architects takes the reader on aneducational journey across three major areas of landscapearchitectural detailing--aesthetics, function, andconstructibility--to demonstrate how powerful design patternscan transform thematic ideas into awe-inspiring built realities.Richly illustrated examples accompany concise discussions of avaried blend of landscape design/detailing issues such as watermovement, soil environments, articulating structures andconstruction assemblies, life cycle costing, sustainability, healthand safety, and more. This book approaches the subject of detailingin a systematic manner, and provides a balanced framework fordesign and workmanship that conveys the essence of the builtlandscape. Detailing for Landscape Architects shows how details can: * Reinforce design ideas through the continuity and discontinuityof patterns * Actively contribute to the overall form or geometry of thedesign * Be designed to be durable and flexible while enhancing theentire design * Gracefully accommodate the natural growth and change of plantmaterials * Anticipate maintenance needs to minimize future disruptions * Maximize their cost effectiveness through understanding theirfunction while designing to meet those functions Including chapters that apply detail patterns to the design ofan urban plaza, a roof deck, and a residence, Detailing forLandscape Architects offers guidance on solving specific technicalrequirements, while preserving and enhancing the visual qualitiesthat celebrate innovation, and carry forth a timeless quality ofbuilding.


(Landscape Architecture Magazine, Oct 2011)
"This eminently readable, profusely illustrated book is obviously designed as a professional reference, but its effect is more like consulting with a passionate expert than merely receiving a listing of standard recommendations. This pattern-based approach, in lieu of a mechanical categorization based on materials (wood, metal, stone) or application (paving, walls, canopies), focuses on conveying general principles, as well as specific details, across a range of conditions, which is impressive. This emphasis on aesthetics -- and not just visual, but aesthetics that appreciate elegance, simplicity, and timeless details -- permeates the book, and is part of what lifts it above other catalogs of technique."
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