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Portfolios for Interior Designers

A Guide to Portfolios, Creative Resumes, and the Job Search

Maureen Mitton

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Innenarchitektur, Design


The complete guide to portfolio development for interiordesigners It's a widely known fact that interior designers need a strongvisual presence in the form of a well-crafted, professional-lookingportfolio. Surprisingly, however, many interior designers aren'tequipped with the expertise required to organize and unify theirwork in a fashion that optimally conveys their talents andskills. Portfolios for Interior Designers helps demystify theprocess by guiding the reader toward mastery in assembling awinning portfolio. It delivers essential step-by-step instructionpresented in a manner that shows interior designers how to properlyand effectively display their designs. This book also includes: * Color and black-and-white illustrations showing portfolioelements and options * Graphic design concepts necessary for portfolio development * Specific information for the design of digital portfolios * Supplemental teaching resources that direct readers to acompanion Web site * Useful tips on the ways that popular graphics softwareapplications can be best implemented for certain portfolioelements * Samples of cover letters and resumes, along with discussion ofjob search procedures With the aid of real-world examples, Portfolios for InteriorDesigners examines how a portfolio can be used as an effectivetool for communicating with clients and other professionals. Amuch-needed guide, this book eliminates the uncertainty surroundingportfolio development so that interior designers can showcase theirabilities success-fully--and land the next job.



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