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Interior Detailing

Concept to Construction

David Kent Ballast

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The all-in-one interior detailing guide that unites creative andtechnical aspects A well-executed interior space requires the successfulcombination of the creative and the technical. InteriorDetailing bridges the gap between design and construction, andshows how to develop and transform design concepts into detailsthat meet the constraints, functional requirements, andconstructability issues that are part of any interior designelement. It offers guidance on how design professionals can combineimaginative thinking and the application of technical resources tocreate interiors that are aesthetically pleasing, functionallysuperior, and environmentally sound. Interior Detailing: * Includes 150 easy-to-understand details showing how to logicallythink through the design and development of an assembly so that itconforms to the designer's intent and meets the practicalrequirements of good construction * Describes how to solve any detailing design problem in arational way * Contains conceptual and practical approaches to designing anddetailing construction components thatform interior spaces * Shows how a small number of principles can be used to solvenearly any detailing problem This guide covers the subject of interior spaces comprehensivelyby balancing the contributions of physical beauty and structuralintegrity in one complete volume. By following the principles laidout in this book, interior designers and architects can plan forthe construction of a unique interior environment more thoughtfullyand with a clearer, better-defined purpose.

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