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Supply Chain Management in the Drug Industry

Delivering Patient Value for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

Hedley Rees

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


This book bridges the gap between practitioners of supply-chainmanagement and pharmaceutical industry experts. It aims to helpboth these groups understand the different worlds they live in andhow to jointly contribute to meaningful improvements insupply-chains within the globally important pharmaceutical sector.Scientific and technical staff must work closely with supply-chainpractitioners and other relevant parties to help secure responsive,cost effective and risk mitigated supply chains to compete on aworld stage. This should not wait until a drug has been registered,but should start as early as possible in the development processand before registration or clinical trials. The author suggeststhat CMC (chemistry manufacturing controls) drug development mustreset the line of sight - from supply of drug to the clinicand gaining a registration, to the building of a patient valuestream. Capable processes and suppliers, streamlined logistics,flexible plant and equipment, shorter cycle times, effective flowof information and reduced waste. All these factors can and shouldbe addressed at the CMC development stage.


--Professor Andrew Cox , Chairman, Advisory Board, International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply (IIAPS)
"This is a solid text that is equally suitable for the newcomer or experienced profesional in the pharmaceutical/biologics industries . . . Overall, I recommend the book for its educational perspective on the industry and the significance of effective SCM for its future success." (Quality World, 1 July 2011)"In a series of well researched and documented chapters about the pitfalls of inappropriate practice in the end-to-end supply chains for pharmaceuticals and drugs this volume demonstrates the key problems faced by the industry in managing supply chains holistically and for customer value. It also provides useful insights into the major positioning methodologies that the industry should use to make appropriate make/buy and strategic sourcing decisions with suppliers."
--Professor James O'Reilly, University of Cincinnati
"Using charts, graphic imagery and guest writers' insightful comments, this text delivers an excellent message for the corporate executive, the investor in pharma stocks, the regulatory professional and (last and least) the lawyers who advise the company.... Every reviewer has a list of wished-for items, but I pleased to say that Rees's book met all of my needs and then some.... Rees has a keen eye for what could go wrong in the drug maker's supply chain."
--James Donlevie, Former VP - Worldwide Logistics, Global Biologics Supply Chain, Johnson and Johnson; Currently GPPS, Inc.
"I found it to be a knowledgeable and insightful overview of the role of Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry. I found that it touches knowledgeably on both the small and large molecule products, which most texts fail to do. Hedley has done the industry a significant favor by laying out, in a single volume, a road map for how Supply Chain should function in today's Pharmaceutical Industry."
--Marla A. Phillips, Ph.D., Director, Med-XU, Xavier University
"Through his passion to make a difference in the Pharma industry, Hedley has masterfully addressed the complexities of total supply chain management from product development through commercialization. Building on his years of experience within Pharma and with other regulated industries, Hedley offers solutions that are insightful, proven, holistic and impactful. This easy-to-read book offers a refreshing style that keeps the reader engaged."
--Bob Coleman former FDA National Expert Drug Investigator and currently Senior Compliance Expert - Pharmaceuticals, IHL Consulting Group, Inc., Atlanta, GA
"Hedley's interesting exploration of SCM issues includes business, control, regulatory and technical aspects. The book is salted with many personal experiences which keep the reader entertained as well as informed. This book is a must read for those entering into the SCM fields as well as all those who intersect with SCM."
--Rick Cleveland, P.Log., President, Altered Perspectives
"This book provides guidance to help modernize the way drugs are developed, made and sold, and presents the argument that counterfeiting and poor SC [supply chain] visibility have their roots in the early stage of drug development.... The author does a great job of demonstrating the need for development of Supply Chain practices in the Pharmaceutical world. With input from various expert sources, the text reads as a 3-part case introducing those in Supply Chain to the world of Pharmaceuticals, those in Science to the world of Supply Chain, and finally a roadmap for a solution.... It may take a while longer to convince those in the Pharma world that involving SC with their R&D teams can [be a] benefit, but the change will come. Those who follow the advice of this author may well lead the way."
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