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More Brief Therapy Client Handouts

Kate Cohen-Posey

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The highly anticipated follow-up to Brief Therapy ClientHandouts?now with even more practical, therapeutically soundstrategies for helping clients change behaviors and addressproblems. Building on the success of Brief Therapy Client Handouts,this unique sourcebook provides a comprehensive collection of over200 jargon-free, ready-to-use psycho-educational handouts,including concise articles, exercises, visual aids,self-assessments, and discussion sheets that support your clientsbefore, during, and between sessions. Featuring a strong focus on mindfulness and cognitive therapy,More Brief Therapy Client Handouts incorporates sensitivelywritten handouts addressing timely topics such as positivecounseling strategies, psycho-spirituality, and using trance forpain management and weight loss. This exceptional resource features: * A helpful Therapist Guide opens each chapter with learningobjectives and creative suggestions for use of material * More handouts devoted to parents, couples, families, andchildren * Strategies and tasks within each handout for clients to do ontheir own or in the therapist's office as part of the session * Assessment questionnaires targeting specific issues, includingpersonality traits, automatic thoughts, core beliefs, symptoms ofpanic, and repetitious thoughts and behavior * Exercises and worksheets such as Power Thinking Worksheet,Thought Record and Evaluation Form, Thought Changer Forms,Self-Talk Record, Selves and Parts Record, and Daily Food Log Practical and empowering, More Brief Therapy ClientHandouts helps you reinforce and validate ideas presented intherapy and reassure clients during anxious times in betweensessions. With a user-friendly design allowing you to easilyphotocopy handouts or customize them using the accompanying CD-ROM,this therapeutic tool will save you precious time and maximize thefull potential of the material.

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