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This is Not a Firedrill

Crisis Intervention and Prevention on College Campuses

Rick A. Myer, Richard K. James, Patrice Moulton, et al.

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Practical Information and Tools to Create and Implement aComprehensive College Campus Crisis Management Program Written by three seasoned crisis intervention/preventionspecialists with over fifty years combined experience in the field,This is NOT a Fire Drill: Crisis Intervention and Prevention onCollege Campuses is a practical guide to creating acomprehensive college campus crisis management program. Authors Rick Myer, Richard James, and Patrice Moulton provideuniversity administrators, faculty, and staff with invaluablehands-on examples, general tactics, and strategies along withspecific prevention, intervention, and post-crisis logistics andtechniques that can be applied to almost any crisis likely to beconfronted on a college campus. This is NOT a Fire Drill features a host of helpfulresources, including: * A proven individual/organization assessment tool to ensureschool professionals and staff take appropriate action to protectstudents, the college, and the community * Thought-provoking case examples, activities, and illustrativedialogues that provide opportunities for reflection andpractice * A checklist to get a crisis prevention and intervention planfor human dilemmas up and running * A decision-tree model to guide the response and recovery tocrisis This is NOT a Fire Drill provides the necessary tools toaddress the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses ofstudents and staff as they attempt to negotiate a crisis and itsaftermath.

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