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Design Details for Health

Making the Most of Design's Healing Potential

Cynthia A. Leibrock, Debra Harris

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Praise for Design Details for Health "Cynthia Leibrock and Debra Harris have developed a vitallyimportant reference. They draw upon and compile a rich source ofevidence that supports the application of specific research-baseddetails for particular health-related settings."--From theForeword by Dr. Wayne Ruga, AIA, FIIDA, Hon. FASID The revised edition on implementing design details to improvetoday's health care facilities--an inspiring, comprehensiveguide In this significantly revised second edition, Cynthia Leibrockand Debra Harris offer up-to-date information on design detailsthat can improve patient outcomes and user experience by returningauthority to the patient, along with fascinating case studies andresearch demonstrating the positive role design can play inreducing health care costs. Design Details for Health, SecondEdition offers contemporary examples showing how design can improvepatient comfort and independence, and demonstrates how to designhighly functional health care facilities that operate at peakperformance. The book addresses a range of health care facilitytypes including hospitals, ambulatory care, wellness centers,subacute care and rehabilitation, adult day care and respite,assisted living, hospice, dementia care, and aging in place. ThisSecond Edition includes: * The latest research, which was only anecdotal in nature asrecently as a decade ago, illustrating how design through evidenceproduces measurable outcomes * Real-world case studies of a range of excellent health carefacilities that have been designed and built in the twenty-firstcentury * Updated contributions with leading practitioners, researchers,and providers conveying how design has a positive impact on healthcare delivery When design empowers rather than disables, everybody wins.Sensitive to the needs of both patients and providers, DesignDetails for Health, Second Edition is essential reading for today'sarchitects, interior designers, facility managers, and health careprofessionals.

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