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A Guide to Genetic Counseling

Jane L. Schuette (Hrsg.), Wendy R. Uhlmann (Hrsg.), Beverly M. Yashar (Hrsg.)

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The first book devoted exclusively to the principles andpractice of genetic counseling--now in a new edition First published in 1998, A Guide to Genetic Counselingquickly became a bestselling and widely recognized text, usednationally and internationally in genetic counseling trainingprograms. Now in its eagerly anticipated Second Edition, itprovides a thoroughly revised and comprehensive overview of geneticcounseling, focusing on the components, theoretical framework, andunique approach to patient care that are the basis of thisprofession. The book defines the core competencies and covers thegenetic counseling process from case initiation tocompletion--in addition to addressing global professionalissues--with an emphasis on describing fundamental principlesand practices. Chapters are written by leaders in the field of geneticcounseling and are organized to facilitate academic instruction andskill attainment. They provide the most up-to-date coverage of: * The history and practice of genetic counseling * Family history * Interviewing * Case preparation and management * Psychosocial counseling * Patient education * Risk communication and decision-making * Medical genetics evaluation * Understanding genetic testing * Medical documentation * Multicultural counseling * Ethical and legal issues * Student supervision * Genetic counseling research * Professional development * Genetics education and outreach * Evolving roles and expanding opportunities * Case examples A Guide to Genetic Counseling, Second Edition belongs onthe syllabi of all medical and human genetics and geneticcounseling training programs. It is an indispensable reference forboth students and healthcare professionals working with patientswho have or are at risk for genetic conditions.


(Book News, December 2009)
"Revised and updated, this edition incorporates new chapters on research, the evolving clinical and non clinical roles of genetic counselors and developing areas for the profession, genetic counselors as educators, and risk communication and decision-making."
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