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Antenna Arrays

A Computational Approach

Randy L. Haupt

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik


A comprehensive tutorial on the design and practicalapplications of antenna arrays An antenna array is an assembly of antenna elements thatmaximizes a received or transmitted signal in a desired direction.This practical book covers a wide range of antenna array topicsthat are becoming increasingly important in wireless applications,with emphasis on array design, applications, and computermodeling. Each chapter in Antenna Arrays builds upon the previouschapter, progressively addressing more difficult material.Beginning with basic electromagnetics/antennas/antenna systemsinformation, the book then deals with the analysis and synthesis ofarrays of point sources and their associated array factors. Itpresents a sampling of different antenna elements that replacethese point sources, then presents element configurations that donot have to lie along a line or in a plane. The complex and difficult-to-predict interactions of elementsand electromagnetic waves are introduced, along with computermodeling and experiments that are necessary for predicting theperformance of arrays where mutual coupling is important. Then,various approaches to getting signals to and from the arrayelements to a computer where the signal detection takes place areexplored, as are the numerical techniques behind smartantennas. The book emphasizes the computational methods used in the designand analysis of array antennas. Also featured are signal processingand numerical modeling algorithms, as well as pictures of antennaarrays and components provided by industry and government sources,with explanations of how they operate. Fully course-tested, Antenna Arrays serves as a completetext in phased array design and theory for advanced undergraduate-and graduate-level courses in electronics and communications, aswell as a reference for practicing engineers and scientists inwireless communications, radar, and remote sensing.

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