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Fundamental Neuropathology for Pathologists and Toxicologists

Principles and Techniques

Brad Bolon (Hrsg.), Mark Butt (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


This book offers pathologists, toxicologists, other medicalprofessionals, and students an introduction to the discipline andtechniques of neuropathology - including chemical andenvironmental, biological, medical, and regulatory detailsimportant for performing an analysis of toxicant-inducedneurodiseases. In addition to a section on fundamentals, the bookprovides detailed coverage of current practices (bioassays,molecular analysis, and nervous system pathology) and practicalaspects (data interpretation, regulatory considerations, and tipsfor preparing reports).


(TheBulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists, 1 October2012)
"This is a comprehensive text that includes a wealth ofinformation on a very wide range of subjects. It will, of course,appeal to veterinary pathologists and neurotoxicologists, but itwill also serve as a very good guide for diagnosticneuropathologists or histopathologists entering the world oftoxicological or pharmacological research."
(British Toxicology Society Newsletter, 1 June2012)
"Overall this is a long awaited, extremely useful bookwhich should be on the shelf of all pathologists, toxicologists andstudents working in the field of neurotoxicology or pathology."
(Doody's, 4 May 2012)
"This exceptional, high quality book will greatly benefitits intended audience."
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