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Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows

Paul A. Durbin, B. A. Pettersson Reif

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Maschinenbau, Fertigungstechnik


Providing a comprehensive grounding in the subject of turbulence,Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows developsboth the physical insight and the mathematical framework needed tounderstand turbulent flow. Its scope enables the reader to become aknowledgeable user of turbulence models; it develops analyticaltools for developers of predictive tools. Thoroughly revised andupdated, this second edition includes a new fourth section coveringDNS (direct numerical simulation), LES (large eddy simulation), DES(detached eddy simulation) and numerical aspects of eddy resolvingsimulation. In addition to its role as a guide for students, StatisticalTheory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows also is a valuablereference for practicing engineers and scientists in computationaland experimental fluid dynamics, who would like to broaden theirunderstanding of fundamental issues in turbulence and how theyrelate to turbulence model implementation. * Provides an excellent foundation to the fundamentaltheoretical concepts in turbulence. * Features new and heavily revised material, including anentire new section on eddy resolving simulation. * Includes new material on modeling laminar to turbulenttransition. * Written for students and practitioners in aeronautical andmechanical engineering, applied mathematics and the physicalsciences. * Accompanied by a website housing solutions to the problemswithin the book.

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