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Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health

Martin Gaughan (Hrsg.), Anne Claveirole (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Healthhas been designed to help the student and newly qualified healthcare professional to familiarise themselves with the keytheoretical frameworks underpinning the field of children and youngpeople's mental health. It explores the mental health challengesthat children and young people face, and how we as adults can workalongside them to help them face and overcome such challenges. This book provides comprehensive information on the theory andpractice of particular mental health difficulties which childrenand young people may have to face, including self-harm, depression,suicide, child abuse, eating disorders, substance misuse, and earlyonset psychosis. Understanding Children and Young People'sMental Health is essential reading for pre-registrationstudents in nursing and healthcare on child and mental healthbranches, and for newly qualified nursing, health and social carepractitioners who work with children and young people. * Brings together specialist practitioners and academics in thefield * Incorporates the latest guidelines and policies * Practical and accessible in style with learning outcomes,activities, examples and recommended reading in each chapter


(Amar Bhoobun, student nurse, Bucks new University)
"Thanks to this book, I feel I am better equipped to go into clinical settings and confidently support young people... I thoroughly enjoyed this read and it was refreshing to read about relevant topics which are affecting society's youngest generation"



Pflege, Nursing, Krankenpflege