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Cold Region Hazards and Risks

Colin A. Whiteman

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This is a unique, timely and engaging text with wide ranging geographical coverage. The text brings together, for the first time, information about a vast array of hazards associated with ice and snow, spanning both well known phenomenon (e.g. avalanches) and the less familiar (e.g. river ice jams and ice storms) using, in many cases, material which is rarely seen outside advanced academic research books and journals. The range of ice-related hazards will be introduced and the significance of the current global warming context discussed. Broad physical models of glacial, periglacial and atmospheric cold environments are presented to provide a scientific context for discussion of the human issues of risk, vulnerability impact and mitigation. Key Features: * Wide ranging geographical coverage (the Americas, Asia, Australasia, Antarctic & Europe) * Localised hazards (avalanches, life storms, landslides) contrasted to those with wider reaching effects (arctic ice loss, ice sheet retreat and wide spread permafrost decay) * Includes the latest developments in the field * Each chapter includes hazards overview, summery, conclusions, potential projects exercise and key references * Includes a supplementary website with figures from the text and further references * Each chapter includes a hazards overview, summary, conclusions, potential projects exercise and key references

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