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Digital Design of Signal Processing Systems

A Practical Approach

Shoab Ahmed Khan

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik


Digital Design of Signal Processing Systems discusses aspectrum of architectures and methods for effective implementationof algorithms in hardware (HW). Encompassing all facets of thesubject this book includes conversion of algorithms fromfloating-point to fixed-point format, parallel architectures forbasic computational blocks, Verilog Hardware Description Language(HDL), SystemVerilog and coding guidelines for synthesis. The book also covers system level design of Multi ProcessorSystem on Chip (MPSoC); a consideration of different designmethodologies including Network on Chip (NoC) and Kahn ProcessNetwork (KPN) based connectivity among processing elements. Aspecial emphasis is placed on implementing streaming applicationslike a digital communication system in HW. Several novelarchitectures for implementing commonly used algorithms in signalprocessing are also revealed. With a comprehensive coverage oftopics the book provides an appropriate mix of examples toillustrate the design methodology. Key Features: * A practical guide to designing efficient digital systems,covering the complete spectrum of digital design from a digitalsignal processing perspective * Provides a full account of HW building blocks and theirarchitectures, while also elaborating effective use of embeddedcomputational resources such as multipliers, adders and memories inFPGAs * Covers a system level architecture using NoC and KPN forstreaming applications, giving examples of structuring MATLAB codeand its easy mapping in HW for these applications * Explains state machine based and Micro-Program architectureswith comprehensive case studies for mapping complexapplications The techniques and examples discussed in this book are used inthe award winning products from the Center for Advanced Research inEngineering (CARE). Software Defined Radio, 10 Gigabit VoIPmonitoring system and Digital Surveillance equipment hasrespectively won APICTA (Asia Pacific Information and CommunicationAlliance) awards in 2010 for their unique and effectivedesigns.


(Booknews, 1 April 2011)
"It can be used in a course on advanced digital design and VLSI signal processing at the senior undergraduate or graduate level."
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