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Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities

A Handbook

Kevin D. Browne (Hrsg.), William R. Lindsay (Hrsg.), Leam A. Craig (Hrsg.)

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A practical handbook for practitioners that covers the assessment,treatment and management of sexual offenders with intellectualdisabilities - an area of growing interest within clinicalforensic psychology. * New for the Wiley Series in Forensic ClinicalPsychology: a practical handbook that covers the assessment,treatment and management of sexual offenders with intellectualdisabilities * Summarises the research literature on the characteristics andprevalence of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities * Discusses risk assessment and innovations in treatment andmanagement * Includes contributors world-renowned in the field of assessmentand treatment of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilitiessuch as Tony Ward, Glynis Murphy, and Douglas Boer


(Association of the Treatment for Sexual Abusers (ATSA) News Forum, Summer 2011)'Craig, Lindsay, and Browne have done a marvellous job ofcompiling this much-needed volume. The contributions provide astrong foundation for the development of effective interventionsthat promote offender responsibility and autonomy and increasetheir quality of life without compromising community safety. Foranyone who works with individuals with intellectual disabilitieswho exhibit sexually aggressive behaviour, this book is amust-read.' --Marnie Rice, Professor of Psychiatry and BehaviouralNeurosciences at McMaster University, Canada
"...essential reading for anyone wishing to responsibly develop or evaluate work with sexual offenders who have intellectual disabilities. It is an informative-yet readable-volume offering an honest appraisal of an emerging field."
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