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Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Paul Comfort (Hrsg.), Earle Abrahamson (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Biologie


This text provides a comprehensive, practical, evidence-based guide to the field. It covers each stage of the rehabilitation process from initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment, to return to pre-injury fitness and injury prevention. Presenting a holistic approach, this text also addresses the nutritional and psychological aspects of the rehabilitation process for the amateur sports enthusiast as well as elite athletes. Divided into five parts, Parts I, II and III cover screening and assessment, the pathophysiology of sports injuries and healing and the various stages of training during the rehabilitation process. Part IV covers effective clinical decision making, and Part V covers joint specific injuries and pathologies in the shoulder, elbow wrist and hand, groin and knee. Key features: * Comprehensive. Covers the complete process from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. * Practical and relevant. Explores numerous real world case studies and sample rehabilitation programmes to show how to apply the theory in practice. * Cutting Edge. Presents the latest research findings in each area to provide an authoritative guide to the field.


(Doody's, 18 November 2011)
"This book is novel in its attempt to provide evidence for sportrehabilitation. To my knowledge, this is the first book of its kindto examine the validity of tools while still providing a broadknowledge base and it will enhance the field of sportsrehabilitation."
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