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MPLS-Enabled Applications

Emerging Developments and New Technologies

Ina Minei, Julian Lucek

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With a foreword by Yakov Rekhter "Here at last is a single, all encompassing resource where themyriad applications sharpen into a comprehensible text that firstexplains the whys and whats of each application before going on tothe technical detail of the hows." --Kireeti Kompella, CTO Junos, Juniper Networks The authoritative guide to MPLS, now in its Third edition,fully updated with brand new material! MPLS is now considered the networking technology for carryingall types of network traffic, including voice telephony, real-timevideo, and data traffic. In MPLS-Enabled Applications, ThirdEdition, the authors methodically show how MPLS holds the keyto network convergence by allowing operators to offer more servicesover a single physical infrastructure. The Third Edition containsmore than 170 illustrations, new chapters, and more coverage,guiding the reader from the basics of the technology, though allits major VPN applications. MPLS Enabled-Applications contains up-to-date coverageof: * The current status and future potential of all major MPLSapplications, including L2VPN, L3VPN, pseudowires and VPLS. * A new chapter with up to date coverage of the MPLS transportprofile, MPLS-TP. * MPLS in access networks and Seamless MPLS, the new architecturefor extending MPLS into the access, discussed in depth for both theunicast and the multicast case. * Extensive coverage of multicast support in L3VPNs (mVPNs),explaining and comparing both the PIM/GRE and the next generationBGP/MPLS solutions, and including a new chapter on advanced topicsin next generation multicast VPNs. * A new chapter on advanced protection techniques, includingdetailed discussion of 50 ms end-to-end service restoration. * Comprehensive coverage of the base technology, as well as thelatest IETF drafts, including topics such as pseudowire redundancy,VPLS multihoming, IRB and P2MP pseudowires. MPLS-Enabled Applications will provide those involved inthe design and deployment of MPLS systems, as well as thoseresearching the area of MPLS networks, with a thoroughly modernview of how MPLS is transforming the networking world. "Essential new material for those trying to understand the nextsteps in MPLS." --Adrian Farrel, IETF Routing Area Director "MPLS-Enabled Applications takes a unique and creativeapproach in explaining MPLS concepts and how they are applied inpractice to meet the needs of Enterprise and Service Providernetworks. I consistently recommend this book to colleagues in theengineering, education and business community." --Dave Cooper, Chief IP Technologist, Global Crossing Ltd

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