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Essential Practical NMR for Organic Chemistry

J. C. Hollerton, S. A. Richards

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


This book describes the use of NMR spectroscopy for dealing withproblems of small organic molecule structural elucidation. Itfeatures a significant amount of vital chemical shift and couplinginformation but more importantly, it presents sound principles forthe selection of the techniques relevant to the solving ofparticular types of problem, whilst stressing the importance ofextracting the maximum available information from the simple 1-Dproton experiment and of using this to plan subsequent experiments.Proton NMR is covered in detail, with a description of thefundamentals of the technique, the instrumentation and the datathat it provides before going on to discuss optimal solventselection and sample preparation. This is followed by a detailedstudy of each of the important classes of protons, breaking thespectrum up into regions (exchangeables, aromatics, heterocyclics,alkenes etc.). This is followed by consideration of the phenomenathat we know can leave chemists struggling; chiral centres,restricted rotation, anisotropy, accidental equivalence,non-first-order spectra etc. Having explained the potentialpitfalls that await the unwary, the book then goes on to devotechapters to the chemical techniques and the most usefulinstrumental ones that can be employed to combat them. A discussion is then presented on carbon-13 NMR, detailing itspros and cons and showing how it can be used in conjunction withproton NMR via the pivotal 2-D techniques (HSQC and HMBC) to yieldvital structural information. Some of the more specialisttechniques available are then discussed, i.e. flow NMR, solventsuppression, Magic Angle Spinning, etc. Other important nuclei arethen discussed and useful data supplied. This is followed by adiscussion of the neglected use of NMR as a tool for quantificationand new techniques for this explained. The book then considers thesafety aspects of NMR spectroscopy, reviewing NMR software forspectral prediction and data handling and concludes with a set ofworked Q&As.


(Chemistry World, 1 June 2011)
"The style is informal and the content pragmatic with minimaltechnical detail, making for easy reading. It differs from manyother books in trying to explain how organic structures can beconfirmed with routine NMR methods without distraction fromunderlying theory."
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