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Developing Language and Literacy

Effective Intervention in the Early Years

Julia M. Carroll, Charles Hulme, Fiona J. Duff, et al.

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Developing Language and Literacy: Effective Intervention in theEarly Years describes successful intervention programmes toimprove the phonological skills, vocabulary, and grammar of youngchildren at risk of reading difficulties. * Presents two structured intervention programmes to providesupport for young children with language and literacydifficulties * Describes clearly how to improve the language and foundationliteracy skills of young children in the classroom * Includes information about how to assess research, and how tomonitor and design intervention strategies for use with individualchildren * Helps teachers to develop an understanding of the interventionand research process as a whole * Additional journal content to support this title is availableclickhere


Dyslexia Review, December 2011
"The book helps teachers to develop an understanding of the intervention and research process as a whole, supporting colleagues who may wish to design and monitor their own small-scale projects. In summary this book provides excellent value for money, and through a wide readership will play a major part in helping to overcome difficulties faced by children who struggle to learn to read."
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